One of our talented team of designers can visit your office, retail space, showroom or hotel to view the area you would like to dress with flowers.

We recommend that your flowers are changed weekly and we are happy to design within a particular colour or style. We look forward to discussing your requirements.

  • Heliconia and Anthrium Vases
  • Birds of Paradise and Bamboo
  •  Amaryllis Lilies and Exotic Leaves
  • Anthriums and Aloevera
  • Anthriums and Bamboo
  • Anthriums and Flax
  • Bird of Paradise - Internal Vases
  • Birds of Paradise and Exotic Leaves
  •  Blossom Vase
  •  Calla Lilies, Orchid and Exotic foliage
  • Chyrsanthemums and twigs
  •  Cymbidium Orchids and Bamboo
  • Elfin Calla Lilies
  •  Exotics and Vine
  • Gold Cymbidium Orchids and Bamboo
  • Corporate Green Anthriums
  • Green Cymbidium Orchids and Bamboo
  • Gypsophila Vase
  • Internal Vase - Green Anthriums
  •  Palm and Bamboo Installation
  • Pink Anthriums and Flax
  •  Pink Cymbidium and Ivy
  • Pink King Protea
  • Pink King Protea and Flax
  • Pussy Willow and Pink Oriental Lilies
  •  Red Anthriums and Flax
  •  Red Heliconia and Leaves
  • Snap Dragon Vases
  • White Hydrangea and Willow
  •  White Lisianthus
  • Yellow Lilies and Foliage

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